The Founder & Managing Director

Bidya Sagar Boruah the founder holds over 17 years of experience with various prestigious brands. Closely worked with almost all major online Travel platforms, Experienced in various kind of clients expectations and knowledgeable with different level of hotels. Responsible for overall Vision and Execution of Entire Airstar Brand Strategy, Revenue management and distribution strategy and manage day to day operation. Daily pick-up analysis, strategy, reporting’s, planning, perform competitive benchmark studies and follow market trends also a part which he follows strongly and like to work as a Team Member of Airstar always.

Bidya Sagar Boruah

Our Team

Kiran Singh

Mr. Ravi Kumar

Is a Lawyer by profession. He has extensive knowledge in organisation and structuring. He is the co-founder.

Ravi Kumar

Mr. Yogesh S Kandare

Yogesh is a positive leader by passion, & an ambitious dreamer by obsession. He proactively manages Airstar sales & marketing verticals. Meeting or having a word with Yogi can make your day!

Yogesh S Kandare

Mr. Rahil Zargar

Rahil is an active, passionate team leader. He is responsible for the Airstar membership vertical. Speaking to Rahil will more often than not lead to a long-lasting friendship.

Rahil Zargar

Mr. Kiran Singh

Kiran holds a masters degree from Christ University & is adept at SEO and content management. He is someone who performs silently to reach his set goals and achieves them. A well known writer & social worker.

Bipasha Kherkatary

Ms. Bipasha Kherkatary

An Eminent Writer & Social worker. She extends support as Brand advisor to the community.